Prepare for Greater Boston Maternity and Newborn Photo Shoots

Greater Boston Maternity and Newborn Photo ShootYou may have heard the saying, “timing is everything.” That statement has never been more true than when considering newborn and maternity photography in Massachusetts. Believe it not, there is an ideal window of time when it is best to schedule a session with your favorite professional photographer. Working with someone who is experienced in Greater Boston newborn photography and maternity photo shoots is key. You don’t want to trust these precious and fleeting moments to just anyone.

The goal is to get a photo that will serve as a memory of this special time, so planning ahead is important. Work with your maternity and newborn portrait photographer in advance, approximately 3-4 months prior to your due date, to create a schedule that works for you both. Flexibility is important, as no one can always accurately predict when a baby will be born. Advising your photographer about your due date can help you both to be ready when the window of opportunity arrives, whether that day comes early, on time, or late.

Massachusetts Maternity Photo Shoot
Clients who are planning a maternity shoot should try to schedule a date that is between one and two months prior to your due date. Most photographers agree that this is the best window of time for expectant mothers. Your belly will be nice and full, perfect for those beautiful maternity shots, yet not so full that you feel uncomfortable.

Depending on the time of year, you may choose to do either an indoor or an outdoor photo session. Discuss this with your photographer to find out what they suggest. You probably don’t want to schedule a “bare belly” pose in the northeast for a maternity photo shoot in the middle of winter, but there are other ways to take advantage of the season. Lean on the experience of the expert that you hire for maternity photography in Massachusetts.

Other tips to consider for a Massachusetts maternity photo shoot include:

  • select clothing that will accentuate your belly, not hide it
  • pamper before your photo shoot – mani/pedi, professional make-up, and plenty of rest in the days before your session
  • don’t skip meals – eat a full dinner the night before and a light meal the day of the shoot
  • start moisturizing your belly in advance of the session and do it one last time about an hour before the shoot
  • if you will be doing a semi-nude maternity pose, consider wearing underwear that matches your skin tone, such as a strapless bra and boy shorts for support and comfort
  • moisturize feet and hands as well in advance and prepare to go barefoot and wear appropriate footwear; high heels can be cute for a single shot, but not to wear all day
  • dress family members in neutral or coordinating colors

Greater Boston Newborn Photography
Unlike maternity shoots, which are typically taken outdoors or against a unique background, most newborn photo sessions take place at home. Most newborn portrait photographers prefer to do this at your home because both you and the baby are most comfortable. This type of photography works best if it is scheduled during the first two weeks of your baby’s life, ideally between four and seven days old. Babies are much easier to pose, position, and work with while sleeping at this stage, providing a wealth of unique opportunities for beautiful photographs.

Props, including blankets, hats, pillows, baskets, and even adorable costumes, are often used and requested by parents. Make sure to ask the photographer about props and outfits ahead of time so there won’t be any confusion or misunderstanding. Prepare your baby for the shoot by feeding them right before the appointment. Babies that have full tummies are usually the happiest babies. If possible, keep the baby awake at least one to two hours prior to the appointment, so they will be sleepy during the shoot. Make sure to ask any questions you might have prior to the photo shoot to avoid any delays during the session.

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