High School seniors


Modern Portraits. Timeless Memories.

Step into the spotlight and let your uniqueness shine! Graduating from high school is an exciting but sometimes stressful time, and we're here to make it enjoyable and memorable for you. Bring along your mom or best friend, and together, we'll celebrate your individuality and make you feel like a star. Feel confident, look your best, and embrace the opportunity to showcase your one-of-a-kind personality. With us, it's not just a photo shoot—it's your moment to shine!

The experience


Free consultation 

Let's chat during your free consultation. We will chat all details and figure out the best options for you.


Plan Your Session

Let's choose the perfect setting, attire, and details that reflect your style and personality. We do in-home consultations to help you pick out the entire wardrobe. We can even help with makeup and more.


Enjoy your Portraits

With our seamless process, you will finally be able to enjoy images you love. We will guide you throughout the process with beautiful products for selection that we will walk you through.

A woman in a cozy sweater stands by a serene river

Let's capture your vibe and style

Mom, it's a chance to capture your senior's journey before they spread their wings. With wardrobe changes and varied locations, every moment is an adventure. Seniors, it's your time to shine! Share these memories with friends and family—they're yours to treasure forever. Let's make magic together!

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