Pet Care by Amber, Taunton, Ma (Southcoast)

It’s been quite a bit since I blogged, almost a year. We have been so busy here at the studio that these extra things sometimes just fall off. We have had some amazing sessions this year between our genres so I did want to blog a few of them. Pet Care by Amber’s branding session was such a fun one. Amber just loves pets and you could see it through how she talks about them and cares for them. I was lucky enough to meet some of her regular furry clients and even her own personal pets. Her business is personalized small pet boarding and in-home visits for all pets. She even takes on different pets such as snakes, hamsters, skunks, etc in a separate room. Each animal has 1-1 care and Amber is even experienced in giving meds and IV care. Check out her website for your small pet care needs and here are some of the amazing photos we took during her session.




















































Check out Amber’s website here: