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Boudoir, there seems to be quite a misconception about the genre. So what exactly is it? It’s a fine line between fashion and glamour portraits. The term “boudoir” (/ˈbdwɑːr/) comes from a French word that means “a woman’s private sitting room or salon in a furnished residence, usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman’s private bedroom”. The sessions are meant to empower people (mostly woman, but some men do them). They are meant to explore a different side of your personality and for you to feel good about yourself in your own skin. Women typically wear lingerie and racier clothing as a confidence booster and to exude sensuality portraying a vulnerable, very real side of them.


Who is Boudoir Photography for?

Boudoir is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are (yes, you even if you’re 80 years old), you still want to feel good in your skin. You don’t have to wear lingerie if you truly don’t want to, you can simply wear a glamorous dress. Boudoir sessions can feel intimidating, you are showing your rawest form of self to a photographer and it may sound like an uncomfortable feeling. It’s ok, I promise you you’ll be comfortable within the first 15 minutes and your photos will exude that confidence you came in to have. Boudoir sessions make a great gift, first and foremost for yourself, and then also for a partner.


What to expect?

On the day of your Boudoir Session, we start off with your hair and makeup to get you all glammed up and feeling amazing. We usually do quite a few sets and because we do in person wardrobe consultations, you already know what to bring. Depending on the person, we may start with a “little black dress” and then undress from there. Don’t worry about if you look “sexy”, or how to pose, because that is my job to make you feel comfortable, look relaxed and confident, and bring out the best in you during our session.

The most important thing is to have fun, feel confident, and love every inch of yourself. Oh and by the way, your boudoir photos can be totally private and we never post anywhere without written permission.





blonde girl wearing white top hat and coat backshoot of a woman wearing purple lingerie black and white shot of a blonde woman wearing lingerie sitting on a bed blonde woman wearing lingerie sitting on a bedwoman wearing black sandals laying on the floor










































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