New England, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts 2019

Here we are 2019! Mine started off with the nastiest stomach virus, yay me! Thankfully my soon to be 3 year old (tear, tear) didn’t catch anything. I spent the first week of January laying in bed and on the couch feeling nauseous, now I can finally stand up and getting going again and getting ready for a whole new year. Welcome 2019, what will this year bring? I’m looking forward to new changes in my business, courses I have signed up for this year, lots of learning experiences and also just going out and shooting for fun personal projects. I have met so many photographer friends throughout this journey so far and what a great community! My first personal project of the year was just to get some fun shots of my daughter running around in the yard. Do you think your kid is difficult to photograph?! Ahh try mine, oh and guess what? It’s only with me, because when I book family photoshoots, she smiles like she’s never smiled before! Yup, that’s my daughter! Ha! I am working on shoots with her soon because I would absolutely LOVEEE a 30×40 canvas of her to hang and I seriously cannot wait, I even just purchased dresses just for this sole purpose. Did I mention she loves dresses? It’s my way of trying to trick her and get her to look even cuter than she is. Wish me luck! Anyways here are some Winter 2019 photos so far! (Sidenote: She likes to dress herself and also refuses to let me pick her shoes! I should have taken a photo of her today before she went to school, but hey self expression! I think she’s darling!)


New England Mattapoisett1 New England Mattapoisett New England Mattapoisett3 New England Mattapoisett2 New England Mattapoisett5 New England Mattapoisett4 New England Mattapoisett7 New England Mattapoisett6 New England Mattapoisett9 New England Mattapoisett8