Lowe’s Shoot (Wareham, Massachusetts)

When I saw the Lowe’s shoot that another photographer did I thought to myself, well that looks fun! I decided to grab one of my younger sisters and test it out for myself. We had loads of fun shooting in different locations of the store (of course we made sure not to disrupt anyone!) It was definitely an interesting project and cool experience. Here is the link to the original photographers shoot: https://petapixel.com/2017/11/21/ugly-places-pretty-portraits-photo-shoot-lowes/

Here are some photos I took for fun:

Lowe's Shoot1 Lowe's Shoot Lowe's Shoot3 Lowe's Shoot12 Lowe's Shoot5 Lowe's Shoot4 Lowe's Shoot7 Lowe's Shoot6 Lowe's Shoot9 Lowe's Shoot8