A Women’s Guide to Preparing for Your Headshot Session in Mattapoisett and Marion, MA

Preparing for your Headshot session will ensure that you look your best. Follow these tips for your ideal session:


Tip #1 Think about the message you want to send – Are you looking to convey authority, confidence, approachability, trust, perhaps all of the above?

Tip #2 Suit with pants and blazer are a great for corporate type headshots. It portrays professionalism, authority, and confidence.

Tip #3 Looking for a more relaxed look? A knit blazer and jeans allows for a more comfortable, but still professional style.

Tip #4 Wear 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves if you want to avoid your arms, but don’t shy away from sleeveless if that is your style.

Tip #5 Pick out your top 3 outfits and try them on, see how you feel in them. Do they make you feel good, confident, strong? Then bring them! A variety of clothes allows to show different parts of your personality. Stay away from lots of busy and distracting patterns and keep it simple. Tonal colors and core colors are strongly recommend. Try to stay away from bright colors (unless that is what you wear often and it’s completely your personality and brand).


Some other important things to consider:

Remove any unwanted hair.

Get plenty of rest.

Make sure your nails are done or chipped nail polish is removed.

If you are doin g hair and makeup, come in with clean, dry hair and a moisturized clean face.


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