Family Love, Sawmill, Acushnet, Ma

Sometimes as the kids grow older, family photos get far and in between. When children are toddlers it is easier to get portrait sessions done every year, versus when they are teens and have a million other plans. Family photos are so meaningful at every age because it shows the beautiful growth of the family and let’s face it those once toddlers who are now older are STILL your baby. I had the pleasure of photographing this family and creating memorable images for them. I was thrilled to be able to provide them with their very own family portrait that is now hanging in their common room. The most important thing for me during a session is that everyone feels good and feels beautiful. This family and I had a great time photographing in Sawmill’s beautiful scenery. I got to find out how much dad loves looney toons and how the girls loved their sports. Mom’s passion and love for her family shined through and her expressions during the viewing session just made my work a million times more worth it.

Check out some of their photos at Sawmill:


Family Love Sawmill1 Family Love Sawmill Family Love Sawmill3 Family Love Sawmill2 Family Love Sawmill4