Capturing Cherished Moments: New Bedford, MA Baby Session

Hey there! I’m beyond thrilled to share the heartwarming journey I had with one of my awesome clients. As your friendly photographer, I believe in capturing not just pictures but genuine emotions, love, and connections that tell a beautiful story. From the excitement of maternity to the joy of welcoming your little bundle and the adorable mommy and me moments, it was a journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

a kid wearing all white clothes

I have been photographing Grace for a few years, starting with Headshot sessions to the special moments of her pregnancy.

The maternity session was an absolute blast! The parents-to-be were glowing with excitement and love. Their connection was undeniable, and it was evident they were ready to embrace the magic of parenthood. We ventured to a special location where mama to be grew up and we captured the beauty of nature and the joyous anticipation of welcoming their little one.

When the big day arrived, I was so honored to be at the hospital in the first 48 hours, capturing the incredible emotions in the room. The new parents’ faces lit up with sheer joy and awe as they held their tiny bundle. I had to hold back happy tears myself!

Fast forward a bit, and it was time for a super sweet mommy and me session! Little A is now 7 months! Watching the bond between this mama and her little one was pure magic. The mommy and me session was all about celebrating the unique connection they shared, and I felt blessed to capture those adorable memories.

*Preserving Your Beautiful Story: A Journey in Photographs!*

To my dear clients, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of your incredible journey. Your love and joy radiated through every photograph, and I’m grateful for the trust you place in me. My promise to you is to continue capturing not just moments but the essence of your beautiful story, so you can cherish these memories for years to come. These portraits are a celebration of your love, laughter, and connection, forever preserved with a whole lot of heart!




A mother breastfeeding her baby in a field as the sun sets Capturing Cherished Moments A mother cradling her baby in a field as the sun sets baby holding some grass A mother kissing her baby in a field as the sun sets A mother carrying her baby in a field as the sun sets A mother kissing her baby in a field baby touching her face smiling baby sitting on a white sheet smilling blue-eyed baby